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Time Travellers Clocks is a horology business led by the companies founder Mr Matthew King.


With over 30 years of experience working on period clock cases and important furniture pieces, Matthew developed his interest and specialism in Harrison clocks after carrying out restoration works on the 1726 Harrison and the 1727 Harrison "Clock that changed the world" for the Leeds City Museum.


Matthew developed a desire to create his own clocks to the original design, and began to gather a team of specialists together for the purpose of learning the potential capability of the original timeekeepers - so Time Traveller Clocks was born! 

Time Traveller Clocks combines years of experience from a range of specialists, meticulous creativity and understanding of this unique area of horology - direct from the rare surviving examples. It is now possible to appreciate experience and enjoy the remarkable genius of Harrison through personal ownership of an authentic modern masterpiece!


Privileged access to original master works provides Time Traveller Clocks with extensive experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality and accurate pieces to keep the past alive. 

Our replica clocks are authentic and complimentary to the originals and are meticulously handcrafted by master craftsman, down to the finest details. 


We employ traditional manufacturing methods and techniques that respect the original methods of construction to recreate, reimagine and relive the past for the future.

new edition Harrison (early type) clock
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