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Below are a small selection of the various projects I have undertaken & the stories which surrounds them.



This is a handmade replica of the exceptionally accurate and beautiful clock that John and James Harrison completed in 1726. With all the features of the original clocks, this replica is authentic in design and construction.



Notable clockmaker Daniel Delander's original barometer was the only one of this design and it is sadly now lost. This replica is a commission for a client but an additional one is available to order.

grasshopper still.jpg


This is a replica of the escapement within a Harrison Clock, originally designed to eliminate friction from the mechanism so that no lubrication was required.


Time Traveller Clocks is engaged in a unique horology community and is often asked to speak, engage and attend clock related events. Here is a summary of some of the events the team has recently attended.

M K and Luke Jerram NP 25 3 2017.jpg
the clock stops talk .JPG
Icon talk image for website.png

The Opening of Harrison's Garden

Luke Jerram and Matthew King together at the opening of the Harrison's Garden at Nostell Priory (Wakefield, England). The celebration was to mark 300 years of the Harrison clock.

The Clock Stops - live debate

Matthew King took part in The Clock Stops live debate, which discussed the Harrison Clock and future options for the original structures as well thoughts about the potential for the future exhibition.

Lecture and Discussion Icon Dynamic Objects Group

Using a clock as a visual aid, Matthew King gave a talk to the Icon dynamic objects group at the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge around the Nostell Harrison clock and the fragile and worn mechanism. Following the talk an open discussion was held.

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