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Clock case restoration success

I'm always to pleased to hear stories from my clients about how how they found their experience with Time Traveller Clocks and what they think of the final product I've worked on for them. Receiving this great feedback from US-based client J.W.Axline was no exception.

Please find below some kind words outlining the project.

“Although quite removed from the UK, I had the good fortune to be referred to Matthew King for a clock case restoration for a London made clock. He followed my outline for the project, and quietly suggested modifications based on his experiences with similar 17C clocks by the same clockmaker.
"He aided me in selecting period correct veneers, and making the hardware items needed for the case doors and movement fixation. I shared images of his completed work for my project with another enthusiast.
"Without mentioning my source, he guessed who had done the work, and stated his satisfaction with Matthew’s work on similar projects for him. He concurred that I had been extremely lucky to benefit from the result of his skills."

- J. W. Axline, M.D., USA


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