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The story behind Time Traveller Clocks

It’s a passion of mine to support other clockmakers and craftsmen in my field, and over the past few years a large part of that has been becoming a trade member of the British Watch and Clockmakers Alliance. The Alliance launched in November 2020 to celebrate new brands emerging within the watch and clockmaking industry and provide a voice for the trade.

I’m pleased to have been featured on the Alliance’s Meet the Maker and Speed Dial features over the past few months, sharing the story behind Time Traveller Clocks and what we strive to do for our clients.

“With his horological specialism firmly rooted in the Harrison clocks, Matthew’s principal desire was to create his own clocks, while remaining completely faithful to the original design.” - British Watch & Clockmakers

I am invested in each project I work on and am committed to honouring Harrison’s masterful creations. I craft with the mission that the legacy of this particular lineage of clockmaking is kept alive and echoes into the future.

“Matthew meticulously crafted the hundreds of movement components individually. He completed his replica based on the three surviving Harrison clocks which, save a fragment, had lost their original casing.” - British Watch & Clockmakers

You can read the features in full here:


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